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SK JAMAL Private Limited offers huge range of services to its clients, partners, associates & all stake holders. For our full range of services please see our “Services” page. SK JAMAL Private Limited – Kausar Communications is an independent media planning and buying specialist. We deliver and integrate advertising campaigns. We do this for big and small businesses and have worked with number of renowned brands, locally & internationally. Our industry reputation means we are a registered member of many professional bodies locally & internationally.

You want a multi-format marketing plan?
We recognize the challenges that our constantly evolving media climate presents to marketing managers. But, even the most ambitious marketing campaigns can be simple. And so, to make life easier for you, we have developed a core of unique websites to help with your media planning decision. We won’t let you throw your entire budget into one channel that limits your audience – we will help you to understand every option. From a local radio campaign, a national outdoor advertising campaign, to managing your social networking, we will calculate the best standalone format, or mixture of media to achieve the objectives of your brief. We have working relationships with the largest media owners, industry bodies, and global advertising networks. This enables us to plan and buy your campaign, utilizing media owner information, industry leading planning tools and also our own independent data.

What makes us different?
At, SK JAMAL Private Limited – Kausar Communications, our people are experts in their fields. They know the best methods and media for your advertising because they have worked for media owners and technology companies before. It is this expertise which is valued so highly by our clients and qualifies our reputation as industry professional.

We plan, manage and evaluate from concept to completion ensuring ROI is achieved. This combined with our passion for advertising enables us to promote brands to their full potential, every time. Now you know who we are, you will prefer to work with us for a nice long run, profitable & trusted business relationship.
You can call us on 0300-4140903 / 0323 4000078 or complete the online inquiry form.

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