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God has created this world with top of His beauty, ideas, a perfect combination, philosophy, and of course with a meaningful necessary ratio.

Almighty Allah says in Holy Quran:  “Do what is beautiful. Allah loves those who do what is Beautiful”.        (Source: Surah Baqarah 2:195)

Hazrat Jabir (R.A) reported: The Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Mohammad peace and blessings be upon him, said:  “Verily, Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty”.         (Source: al-Mu’jam al-Awsaṭ  6902)

Every creation in this universe shows blessings of Almighty God to mankind and nature for success, progress, peace, communication & all to understand more closely. We can initiate every beautiful side by taking ideas from universe creation deeply.

It is fact that “Nature is full of Infinite causes”.

SK JAMAL Private Limited is group of professionals Registered with SECP – Securities And Exchange Commission of Pakistan (under The Companies, Act 2017. Corporate Universal Identification No.  0114546) | Registered FBR Pakistan – Federal Board of Revenue (NTN No.  2919926-3 | British Council Trained & Certified | Member Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry | Member Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Pakistan | Member EAIE – European Association for International Education | Member QISAN – Quality International Study Abroad Network UK | Member MAP – Marketing Association of Pakistan.

We at SK JAMAL Private Limited are serving internationally with famous brands & corporate clients in following areas: Advertising (Print Media, Electronic Media, Social Media), Printing, Give-Aways, Media Marketing,  Events Management (Corporate, Business, Family), Branding, Video Productions, Website / Apps. Development, Corporate / HR Training, Corporate / HR Consultancy, Company Formation / Trading, Import & Export, Sales & Marketing, Education Management, Real Estates, Catering & Food supplies for all regular events / Corporate Meetings / Conferences / Annual Days / Family Functions / Get-Togethers etc.

Jamshaid Akbar Bhatti

Private Limited

With US Consul General Dr. Nina Marie

SK JAMAL Private Limited – Kausar Communications are ideas people. We believe that a good idea can only stand on a strong foundation of strategy and critical thinking that will help to achieve significant and measurable results for our clients. We never compromise our standards for an easy fix. We are ethically bound to our work and deliver it guided by our principles. It’s not easy building so many local success stories. And that is a testament to the hard work put in understanding, valuing, relating and finally achieving the right goals and results for our clients. Creativity is important across all aspects of the agency. From planning to execution, we are always looking to find the most creative and effective solutions for our clients needs. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and delivering under pressure. It’s what we thrive in. Each project is undertaken with passion, purpose and commitment. It’s important that our standards never drop. After all, quality delivers results and results deliver success.

Being CEO of my company I am proud on, by grace of God, that I have more than 15 years practical hands own working experience with top brands of market, corporate clients, professional networks, leading organizations, all top media channels & publications houses.

My previous qualifications having completing Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Certification completion, attending Seminars & Professional Workshops by many top business universities like LUMS, PU, IBMoM, London College of Business & Finance the UK, and successful Training Certifications Completion of courses, Membership & Participation in professional local & international training bodies; like British Council, US Consul General Lahore Pakistan, QISAN (Quality International Study Abroad Network) the UK, EAIE (European Association for International Education, the Netherlands), EURASIA  Turkey, MAP (Marketing Association of Pakistan),  AdForum, regular & continuous international tours, visits & exposures for technology, business market research in different territories, thirst of work, ideas, meeting with real professionals around the world, finding new & new solutions for our valued clients solutions, is proof & priority of our organization professional working.

We prefer to be member of Professional Business forums worldwide and being active member of LCC&I – Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Pakistan, PKCJCCI – Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Our journey is still continuing ……………… not to stop but to deliver for our network!

We assure you, We are awesome – Let us prove it for you!

SK JAMAL Private Limited – Kausar Communications is offering full services to an array of national and multinational clients focusing to set traditions of delivering quality and track record of building strong brands.

SK JAMAL Private Limited – Kausar Communications vision and leadership is helping catapult many national brand to levels at par with multinational counterparts.

With a strong reputation for strategic and creative excellence, the agency has a plethora of success stories to tell & demonstrate more.

Let’s work together for our profession, your promotion, and all universe progression in shape of peace & harmony on equal values defined without any difference.

God bless us all always!

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